Electric Go Kart

Our Electric Go karts are very popular in Go Kart industry. Especially, safe, durable, stylish models attracts world kart fans!

Let’s see detail!

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High Quality Electric Go Kart On Sale

Safety is the foundation of BABY BADGER Racing
We use HDPE material to create a full-cover wrap shell, surrounded by four-point safety belts, roll cages, and headrests, to provide children with comprehensive security measures.

Excellent handling performance, fast response and more stable cornering

The minimum turning radius is only 1.6m, and it can pass smoothly on narrow tracks.

Dual-mode battery life, double the fun time

The battery is arranged in the rear compartment of the vehicle body, and it also has the functions, of in-line charging at the rear and quick power charge.

Electronic differential, easy drift, make the spotlight in this street

BABY badger responds more quickly and is more stable in corners.

Customization highlights personality
BABY Type has rich painting colors and various engine sound effects. You can even freely combine multiple sets of paint ot create unique contrast paint.

Remote control
Remote emergency power off with speed regulation



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